Galatea Vissier

- Under the Moonlight -

Galatea Vissier is a raen Au-Ra, and my Final Fantasy XIV character. Her Lodestone. Initially created in 2020, she became my Warrior of Light as I played through the game for the first time. I didn't know about lore-friendly naming conventions, so I gave her a name I made up for a previous OC and another name I simply enjoyed. As I've been playing through FFXIV I've grown more attached to her, so I decided to create this webpage to catch her intricacies.

Quick Facts

Name:Galatea Vissier
Current residence:Ishgard

Canon Jobs

White Mage starting class
started her studies as a conjurer at the start of ARR
Astrologian picked up when coming to Ishgard post-ARR
Dark Knight picked up Post-Shadowbringers
Weaver learned since coming to Gridania
Botanist learned since coming to Gridania


Pre-A Real Reborn





Additional Story

White Mage


Dark Knight

Weaver and Botanist

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art of Galatea by others