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I'm jay and I have problems with acid reflux and vertigo, as well as lactose intolerance. I think those are some of my endearing qualities. I love drawing when I have the time, and I love coding on this website. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree and wrote my finals thesis on Utena and She-Ra. I think I have a bad taste in aesthetics and visuals, but it just adds on to my character (I suffer). Napping is my personal anathema. For the longest time I stayed away from bluetooth headphones but now we're this tight (about this tight). In fiction I'm a huge fan of paladin and knight archetypes. Tragedies are my favourites. Ever since I started taking my anti-depressants I sleep early and like a log and I never want to part from my medicine ever again.

I'm also a big lolita fashion enthusiast and wear it occassionally too when I feel like it. You can see my wardrobe here

not me, I'm just sorry I can't be her

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