So much for (Tour)dust 07.11.2023


! Flashing and loud audio warning for the videos below!

On tuesday I went to see Fall Out Boy live!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should make a site to put all my recordings on, because I got A LOT of them. It was SUCH a great experience. I rarely go to concerts, and never been to big ones such as these.

I was thoroughly wowed. The stage was incredible with its massive props that changed throughout the show, every song they played was such an experience. My emotions were everywhere with every change. I yelled out every line, I danced and and screamed and cheered. At some point I almost teared up because I couldn't get over how incredible it was to see my favourite songs perfomed live, seeing all the band members hop and jog across the stage. I especially enjoyed watching Pete hop around and do his twists, it was really endearing. And also seeing Patrick play the guitar and get really into jamming. Hearing Patricks voice live was also absolutely incredible. The range he has is awe-inspiring.

Down below the set list. They played a lot of classics, but I was a bit lost with the pre-FAD tracks, sadly. So the Magic 8 Ball Track sadly didn't quite hit for me lol but I was still happy! They played Headfirst Slide, which was all I needed to be happy! The stageshow went especially wild after Fame < Infamy, with fire, fireworks and confetti. It really was an experience.

I think my favourite out of the entire show was the performance for This ain't a scene. The bands energy was contagious as hell, I think it had me screaming the hardest along to the lyrics. I could tell the crowd was thoroughly taken as well. Another banger was the performance for Centuries, that's when they really pulled out all stops with the fire show and I could tell Patrick really gave it his all too. I'm sure the rest of the band did too. I was never huge on Centuries because I get tired of singles like those quick. But I think the show has really changed my appreciation for this track. Only thing that didn't meet my expectation was my hope for either Church, HOLD ME TIGHT or I am my own muse. Sadly none of them made an apperance :^( But I can live with that.

I was also lucky to snag a shirt for myself and my boyfriend too! I got the shirt with the tour dates, bf got the UFO one. He didn't come along, but me constantly chewing his ears off over the show since I returned made him change his mind for future concerts lol.

Overall I was really impressed with how smooth the whole ordeal around the show went. Well, partially. I had to take a long-distance bus right after work, but the bus was stuck in jams a lot so I came an hour late to meeting the others. We had to rush to the arena, but all the public transport was filled up to the brim, because as it turned out, there was a football match right next to the arena that night as well. The shuttle bus especially was insane. We were all squeezed so tight, it actually made me fear for my life a little lol I hope I didn't get covid from that. But so far I feel fine. Afterwards however, everything went smoothly. Entry was very quick and uncomplicated, I didn't have to wait at all. Finding our seats was just as easy. Getting the merch took no time at all either, despite there being quite the crowd. Apart from the transportation everything else went like a dream. It makes me very optimistic for future concerts.

I was supposed to go with two friends, and an additional two friends of another. Sadly, that friend got sick, so in the end it was just me, my friend + two friends of my sick friend. At first I was a bit hesitant because of social anxiety, but the others turned out to be really fun. We went wild over the show together, shared our expectation and how they got met afterward. I'm not sure how often I'm going to see them again, but I'd love to hang out again.

Looking back at everything, this was probably one of my best experiences I've had in a very long while. I still feel the high from going there days later. Every day I continue to listen to FOB music and relive that night a little. I always thought I'm not much of a concert enjoyer, but going there really changed my outlook. I want to go see my favourite bands when they visit my country again. A couple years back I saw IDKhow in a small venue in Hamburg, and I want to see them again. I also want to see My Chemical Romance if they ever return and maybe Panic! at the Disco too. I gotta see the emo holy trifecta. I gotta!