Limbus Company Canto VI thoughts


this post talks about suicide and self harm.

Another post of me collecting my musings and thoughts on Canto VI of Limbus Company. All posts are taken from tumblr, as I write my most spontaenous thoughts there.


Honestly this chapter was really fucking good in how it stepped up what they could do once more. I’m really impressed on so many levels. Every chapter they’re pushing what they can do with animation and breaking down walls between its technical components. The amount of really fucking cool animation was WILD. Canto IV had some of it, Canto V had some really fucking cool animation, and this Canto had lots of really fucking cool animation. The way they’re pushing to seamlessly blend the VN parts with the battle/animation parts is SO MUCH FUN to observe. It makes me SO excited to see what comes next. The last fight was especially impressive, just utterly stunning. But my favourite minor moment was the scene with that one sinner right before the rooftop. I yelled out in excitement because I did NOT fucking see that coming. I loved it on a technical standpoint, and I loved loved loved what it did for the sinner writing wise. I’m in love. I’m so in love with this game.

Artwork wise also HUGE improvement. Canto V had definite growing pains, but now they’ve finally found their stride. And it shows. Once again, I am heartbroken about Vellmori being forced out like that. I think the game lost a lot for it. With every artwork I thought, “this is really damn good. But how had Vellmori done this one?”. I miss her art. Nothing can compare to it. The expressiveness, the life, the joy… her art is unmatched.

But I’m still happy to see what the current artist team could achieve. I think they did incredible work. This chapter was SO full of artworks, it honestly really surprised me. They did not spare any expense. Everything is so full of atmosphere, the colors are gorgeous and the sepia is so beautifully worked into every piece. The backgrounds? On another level. So far completely unmatched.

Last but not least. The fights were so much fucking fun. I loved the decision for the structure for this Canto. No dungeon meant that every fight could be fine-tuned with the utmost care. And it showed! Instead of a bunch of trash fights, they focused so hard on crafting some really demanding but fun fights. I had my trouble with a couple of them, and for 6-35 I genuinely struggled for over an hour as I tried to figure out what team would work. But once I got the right one I saw results quickly, and it was super satisfying. Every fight in this Canto was super satisfying. Though the sinking team was unmatched in this, I still had to think a lot about my team composition. Shoutout to Dieci Rodion who HEAVILY carried this chapter for me. Her beast-tanking + Pursuance healing was a life saver. She deserves a backrub for this one.

The combat in this chapter really made me realize…. Limbus Company is fun. It’s really fucking fun to play. It’s compratively easy to pick up, and mastering it may not be as easy, but getting to a satisfying point with your skills isn’t hard either. And then the game starts challenging you. Working and reworking your priorities during a fight, seeing how much a sinner can take, when it’s best to just go for the throat… I love it all. The game is really, really fun to play, and I really hope they continue with the Canto VI design philosophy.

Also, of course the music was really good. Every track was really atmospheric, many bone chilling and all of them let you immediately forget you’re playing a game. Especially during 6-35 and 6-45 I stopped a lot to just listen to the music. It was hard concentrating because I was just taken by the music. Of course, shoutout to Mili, too. The moment I heard their song I fell in love again. As I do with all Mili tracks. But it’s not just Milis music, it’s the music at every corner. I think here too, the team once again evolved by leaps and bounds. Music up until now was INCREDIBLE, it always has been and always was. But this Canto is another awesome evolution of their craft.

It all accumulated to this really stunning and impressive finale in 6-48. I was just floored man. Everything came together so beautifully, every part and every piece created this stunning whole. Once the credits rolled, I was just paralyzed for a bit. Idk even now what to do. I still have to mull on this chapter a lot. Both story-wise and on a technical level. I’m very excited to see where the game goes from here and what it still has in store. Every Canto VI takes it further and further with so much seemingly ease. I want to see what comes next.


Real talk the new fights were super fun. Hindley was ezpz until I got him to sub-100hp and then I got cocky and win rated and went full pjm fan by not reading his attack effects being “heal on hit”, so he mauled my entire team after healing back to 500. So I had to reset
DRB was fine, a bit tough but fine. Heathcliff went hard tho. In the end I settled on a 5 man sinking team and actually utilised suncliff for the first time. The stats showed he did some insane damage, even tho it didn’t feel like that lol. My first proper try went pretty well, until I once again went pjm fan mode and neglected reading the bleed on heathcliffs counter. So during my last attack on him, suncliff suddenly got exploded by 18x40 bleed mid clash. Next run went muchhh better when I replaced outis for rbryoshu also. It was crazy fun trying to keep my heathcliff alive and navigate around the tactics. Bind was also a huge huge helper. Reallyyyy looking forward to the fights in the next update, it was mad fun.
can you fucking believe this. can you
Some story thoughts, some of them mid-chapter.


I’m not over “to my husband, I leave you the Manor. To my pathetic brother, I’m forcibly institutionalising you. You have one week. To the one that got away, I leave you a metaphysical object that is usually unobtainable by regular people. *hits the manor with the House of Leaves beam, regularly psychically sends out memories*”


Carmen distortion limbus company funny but I’m also regularly thinking about the bloodbath log. Man. Lob Corp really drove home how dark the mental space was that Carmen ended up in. I keep thinking about her being fully conscious and aware at the end. And how her current actions probably stem from the fact that at her worst, she was alone. Even if people distort, she wants them to face their true and honest feelings. Acting out is better than acting on yourself.


If I am allowed 1 hot take about Canto VI: I really don’t follow the “they loved each other so much that they went through every timeline” interpretations, because to me the main conflict fully read as a story about two people who hated themselves more than they loved each other. They were constantly looking for excuses on why they’re the worst for each other and shouldn’t be together. They never cared for learning what the other _truly_ wanted, they cared for what they thought the other wanted/needed. In turn, Canto VI is everything but romantic to me ( ´_ゝ` ) and I’m saying this as a huge sucker for tragic love stories.


anonyous asked: So you’re saying Limbus Heathcliff and Catherine are like Jack and Lacie from Pandora Hearts?

I haven’t read or watched Pandora Hearts so my knowledge comes solely from the fandom wiki.

I think this kind of suits how I view Catherine? The game never really made it clear what it was that drew Catherine to Heathcliff, besides just generally enjoying his company and enjoying his devotion to a limited degree. From the moment he gets brought into the manor it seems like he just struck her fancy out of whim.

And I feel like this suits Heathcliff too? He endured for Catherine because she gave him the feeling that his life was worth something. I do think his feelings for her are genuine, there’s no question. But I get the feeling there is a lot of projection from both sides. The other was what they convinced themselves they _need_, but there’s little about what qualities they enjoy about each other. I think Heathcliff likening himself to a hound is very apt: Catherine showed him love, and now he’s loyal to a fault. Maybe they’re a bit like the Shepherd and the Hound from Wonderlab. I don’t think Catherine acts malicious or out of a desire to hurt Heathcliff. Although I do feel her grand plan of killing every Catherine in front of Heathcliff was definitely lashing out with the intention to hurt. But ultimately the game hasn’t given much grounds on where her feelings come from, so going from the characterization we have, she feels very self-centered in her feelings. Probably because she never got to learn any different, which is the tragedy of it.