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Welcome to my website! This is my personal homepage where I collect and share things that are dear to me. This includes posting my art, gathering writings I enjoy, writing some blog entries of my own, and showing off my material and digital collections. Parts of the website are still pretty jank as I try to figure out the code. Feel free to stay a while and browse around.

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28/05/23: added a whole buncha links to the about me page
26/05/23: Added a widdle dollhouse to the homepage, a new piece to the wardrobe and another snippet to the lyrics page (+ new journal entry)
24/05/23: New Blog Post added
19/05/23: Added new blog post
11/05/23: Added blog posts to the main page
09/05/23: Overhauled the about me page. Give it a look-see!
06/05/23: Overhauled the Lyrics & Snippets page! Looks much better now.
02/05/23: Added entries to the artbook collection page and a journal entry
27/04/23: Added new art to the art page & working on an OC page
25/04/23: Ready for launch!
25/04/23: Added a Blog, art page and artbook collection page
23/04/23: Added a lolita wardrobe page
22/04/23: working on a long form blog page. urgh
21/04/23: added blorbo page
20/04/23: Added an about me page
19/04/23: New main page goes live!
18/04/23: Working on a better main page
Current to do:
  • make a proper section for my internet neighbours (mutuals) on the about me
  • -> a links/resources page maybe too
  • add a contact form
  • get my OC pages running
  • Create graphics for other websites you can find me under
  • Fix the jank here and there fix the loading times on this page oh my lord this is the best I can offer
  • Include blog posts in the frontpage

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